Available Coding Courses: Scratch, Game Programming, Java, HTML, C++
Ages: 7+
Coding Courses are available as a group and private live sessions. Students meet their tutors once a week. Sessions are one hour long.
We offer coding with SCRATCH for beginners, HTML, JAVA, and C++ for Intermediate/Advanced students.  Each course has three levels, and each level lasts for eight weeks. When students finish their levels, they move to the next level.
8-week courses tuitions:
Group (3:1) price: $200
Private (1:1) price: $250
Teacher Qualifications: Our Coding Coaches are certified coding professionals.
Our Goal:
  • Convert your student’s computing time to a more productive activity.
  • Teach the fundamentals of coding and create their website, games, and more.
  • Help your students transition from consumers to creators of technology!