1. Does the curriculum come with materials?
    You can order curriculum with or without materials.


  2. Can we have access to a sample lesson?
    Yes, please click here to request a sample lesson.


  3. Can we look over STEAM Camp curriculum to better understand what the program offers?
    Yes, please click here to request the STEAM camp curriculum.


  4. What is the cost of the STEAM Camp Curriculum?
    Please click here to request the price list.


  5. Why is the STEAM camp curriculum an excellent choice?                                                              
    The STEAM day camp program has been rated 5 stars and awarded as The Most Loved STEM Program. In addition, STEAM Academy is selected as the Best Learning Center of Aurora, CO for the quality of the service.


  6. What skills do STEAM Camps help to build in students?

    Students are encouraged to explore, experiment, and solve problems. The activities have been designed to foster creativity, build resilience, and encourage students to apply the scientific method and/or the engineering design process.


  7. What social or emotional skills does the curriculum encourage in students?

    The camps’ curriculum is enriched with team-building activities, character education, and opportunities to build leadership skills.


  8. How many days worth of curriculum and material are included in the STEAM Camp program?
    The curriculum is designed for 4 weeks of day camps or 40 weeks worth of STEAM club that meets once a week during the school year.


  9. What does the STEAM Camp curriculum cover?
    The STEAM Camp curriculum includes projects and engaging activities related to Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. In addition, the curriculum fosters leadership skills, team-building skills as well as character building.


  10. Can this curriculum be offered during the school year too or is it only appropriate as a summer camp offering?
    The STEAM Camp program can be offered during the school year as part of the after-school programs or as a camp offering the summer.


  11. Does STEAM offer camps for high school students?

    At this time, STEAM Day Camp programs are designed for K-6 students.