• 10 Students will be selected as STEAM SCHOLARS and be awarded with 1-week free STEAM Day Camps and Virtual Reality Headset OR Smart Watch.
  • Students’ mentor/classroom teachers will be awarded $50 gift card


Age Eligibility: 9-12 years old
We encourage young minds to take an interest in the STEAM subjects and become LEADERS in STEAM FIELDS.
STEAM SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM is a cross-curricular activity that:
* Teaches the scientific method while solving everyday problems.
* Introduces hands-on discovery learning
* Improves critical-thinking skills and time management.
* Addresses the importance of being involved in the community
* Teaches how to organize a portfolio
Students will apply for the scholarship by submitting the following items to until May 1st , 2019.
Registration Steps
Required Documents
  • Students will be working with an adult coach (often a teacher), find something in their community that needs improvement, and employing the scientific method, generate a fresh and effective solution. The project that follows either the scientific method (an experiment) OR the engineering design process. The description of the project must include photos that support the project description. The project can be one that was done for school or scouts, but it must include photos.
  • Academic Achievement –A copy of the applicant’s most recent report card.
  • Leadership – The Student must demonstrate exceptional leadership in school and/or community. Applicant must submit a document that explains his/her leadership activities. The document should include or be accompanied by up to 5 photos illustrating activities or awards related to his/her leadership role in his/her community or school.
  • Write an essay that explains why the student should be chosen for STEAM SCHOLAR scholarship.
  • Two letters of recommendation (from an adult who is not related to the applicant)
  • The student is asked to create a mission patch that highlights his or her achievements, goals and inspirations. The patch may be hand-drawn or created electronically. (Optional)